Biophilia and regeneration for a new
wellbeing lifestyle and urban hospitality

The future of hospitality

Located in the historic center of Parma, Palazzo dell’Agricoltore (“Farmer’s Building”) represents a paradigm shift in all its aspects. An avant-garde regeneration center for its guests, the local community, the surrounding urban area and the environment – it’s designed to become much more than a hospitality venue. The opening is scheduled for 2025.

B-corp hotel 

Our commitment to enhance the harmonious liaison between humankind and nature involves maximum efforts towards sustainability and the creation of long-lasting, shared value.

Palazzo dell’Agricoltore will be a B-Corp hotel from the very start, introducing sustainability certification elements since the early stages of renovation.

A new era for wellness

Our philosophy sees wellness for our guests as the well-being of the world we operate in. It’s an ingredient at the core of our mission. From the food & beverage served to the quality of sleep granted, we embrace science to heighten our experience. It will be a physical, mental, and spiritual journey to connect all five senses.

All our services are designed with a contemporary approach to soothe body, mind, and soul for the regeneration of our guests with air as one of the central focus points of our offer.

Our goal is to create a place where health, pleasure, mindfulness, and sustainability can meet and be preserved harmoniously.

Agriculture as inspiration

We aim to rekindle and strengthen men’s innate bond with nature that was originally explored through agriculture thousands of years ago.

It’s crucial for us to keep the strong agricultural heritage of the building within its vibrant urban context. The hotel services find inspiration in nature itself, offering an innovative holistic wellbeing experience in the heart of the city: a modern health & wellness approach, from the spa to the guest rooms, to food & beverage and the retail area.

What we want to achieve

Our ultimate intention is to become a change catalyst for the city, triggering an urban regeneration movement that will further promote the excellence of the territory.

The site

Palazzo dell’Agricoltore – a prime example of rationalist architecture – was originally built as an agricultural consortium in 1939. Amongst its unique features are a splendid rooftop terrace overlooking the city, a double-height glass ceiling and a basement bomb shelter from World War II.

More than just a hotel

The functional mix of spaces and purposes is a point of uniqueness of this project, owned and strongly wanted by two entrepreneurial families of Parma – Chiesi and Bollati – both very committed to the rebirth of this incredibly rich city, a symbol of the modern Italian lifestyle.

Not only hotel guest rooms, but also a ‘long-stay formula’ (aparthotel) for the business and cultural community; coworking/smartworking/proworking solutions; MICE; and a retail area, always focused on enhancing the local craft & cultural heritage in its more contemporary expressions.